Digital Advertising Made Easy - Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy
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          Digital Advertising Made Easy?

          We’re making digital advertising simple for you

          We bring you transparent access to all the same powerful digital advertising planning, buying and measurement tools that the big players use.

          Tap into the simplicity of digital advertising with the help of Choozle. With powerful data intelligence, buying, and measurement tools in a feature-rich platform, more of your money can go to serving media because Choozle has stripped away the unnecessary costs, technology, and time-consuming tasks of traditional media buying.

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          Ad buying power at scale

          Programmatic advertising platform built for simple operation, yet powerful enough to handle campaigns of any size.

          Premium data at your fingertips

          Access to 60-plus premium third-party data providers who represent over 100,000 data segments.

          Flexible ad buying platform

          No minimum ad spend. Unlimited advertiser accounts. Simple pay-as-you-go subscriptions for ad buying and data products.

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          "Choozle has given our agency expanded digital capabilities that provide a tangible advantage for our clients. Our clients have benefitted from better results and more campaign accountability."

          Photo of Jeff Jones from McCulloch + Company

          Jeff Jones Director of Media Services
          McCulloch + Company