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          Programmatic Advertising Made Easy with Our Digital Advertising Software

          Take back control of your digital advertising.

          Execute programmatic ad campaigns at any scale with our all-in-one digital advertising software. Determine which targeting tactic is right for your campaign goals. Enjoy simple campaign setup and personal support.


          Plan & manage your digital
          advertising campaigns

          Quickly manage and optimize multiple advertisers and programmatic ad campaigns, no matter your campaign goals. With customer onboarding and easy-to-use, feature-rich digital advertising software, you can plan and execute campaigns with efficiency and ease.


          • Easy setup and execution
          • Flexible and effective line-item bid adjustment options


          • Access to 98 percent of online ad inventory
          • Access to 40-plus ad exchange networks


          • Performance tracking
          • Powerful auto-optimization tools
          Targeting Tactics

          Data targeting at scale

          Launch highly-targeted campaigns with custom audiences created from first or third-party data. You can also target specific locations or based on web content and page categories. We offer tools to seamlessly combine first and third-party data to create custom audiences comprised of your most valuable users.

          First-party Data

          • IP Targeting
          • CRM Data Remarketing
          • Site Targeting
          • Email Retargeting

          Third-party Data

          • 60+ data providers
          • Purchase History Targeting
          • Behavioral Targeting
          • Psychographics?Targeting

          Location & Content

          • Geolocation Targeting
          • IP Address Targeting
          • Contextual Targeting
          • Keyword Targeting
          • Postal Code Targeting

          Other Targeting

          • Device Targeting
          • Page placement
          • Whitelist Targeting
          • Cross-device?Targeting
          • Native advertising
          Supported Services

          Scale as you grow with Supported Services

          Leverage new targeting strategies. Keep one step ahead of emerging trends. With our Supported Services, you can continue to grow beyond the basics and master new tools, technologies, and features to improve campaign performance—all with the help of a Dedicated Strategist. See pricing for our Supported Services.


          • Geoframing & Geofencing
          • Language Browser Targeting
          • Brand Safety & Viewability
          • Advanced CRM Matching
          • Connected TV
          • Private Marketplace

          Optimize faster with real-time reporting

          Analyze all aspects of your digital advertising campaigns with dashboard, exportable, and API-driven reporting. With this kind of in-depth reporting, you have a view into performance at every level of the campaign. Detailed, transparent reporting helps your team optimize quickly and set the course for successful campaigns.

          At a glance

          • Quick PDF reports
          • Excel reports

          Drive Optimization

          • Detailed reports
          • Site, Targeting, and Creative
            level reporting


          • API Integrations
          • Email pacing notifications
          CRM & Customer Data

          Leverage CRM & customer data

          Take your digital advertising to the next level by using your first-party data to build retargeting and CRM targeting campaigns. For an additional $200 per month, a Data Package unlocks Web Insights and CRM Onboarding to define the most valuable data segments and data audiences to use in any digital advertising campaign.


          • Raise brand awareness
          • Bring high-value users
            back to your site

          Customer Segmentation

          • Define your potential markets
          • Deliver relevant and
            precise messaging

          CRM Onboarding

          • Tap into first-party data
          • Bring offline data online

          Web Insights

          • Identify high-value users
          • Unlock data points


          Education and technology experts

          Stay ahead of the curve as the industry evolves. We explain all the important terms, concepts, and best practices you need to know to achieve self-service success. From day one, you’ll gain access to our knowledgeable team and educational tools to learn—or brush up on—digital advertising and our advertising software platform.

          Online Learning

          • Support Center
          • Setup and troubleshooting
          • Choozle Knowledge Base

          Personal Support

          • Choozle Academy
          • Platform onboarding
          • Interactive educational tools

          Ongoing Support

          • Bi-monthly webinars
          • Product feedback

          Personal support & troubleshooting

          We’re more than our technology. Choozle is about the people using our software and the people behind it. Our expert Client Experience and Platform Operations teams are here to assist you with campaign setup, optimization, and troubleshooting.


          • Assisted campaign setup
          • Troubleshooting
          • Knowledge Base

          Ongoing Support

          • Choozle Office Hours
          • Support Ticket system

          Brand Safety

          • Fraud protection
          • Bot protection
          • Privacy Compliant/
            Ad Choices Compliant


          • Network Advertising Initiative
          • Interactive Advertising Bureau

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Have questions about pricing, billing, or data packages? Here’s everything you need to know before getting started.

          See FAQs

          See how the power of big data & the efficiency of real-time advertising blends into a simple platform.

          • Digital advertising software platform
          • Unlimited advertiser accounts
          • Powerful analytics and dashboard reporting
          • Access to 60-plus premium third-party data providers
          • Personal support & online learning
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