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          Getting Started with Digital Advertising

          A step-by-step guide from plan to target to optimization.

          The Choozle team is trained to expertly assist our clients in mastering our premier self-serve platform and execute sophisticated programmatic advertising campaigns. From day one, you’re guided on the path to success to ensure that you achieve positive outcomes.

          Unlock access to our onboarding program when you create an account.

          STEP ONE


          When you partner with us, we set your team up for success and provide the tools and education they need to run digital advertising.

          Complete Choozle Academy's Choozle 101

          Add the Smart Container Tag to your website header

          STEP TWO


          Once you’re up to speed and have a strong foundational knowledge of digital advertising, you can launch your first campaign.

          Schedule and complete a campaign setup call

          Launch your campaign

          STEP THREE


          Upskill fast with the support and resources available to your team.

          Complete Choozle Academy's Optimizing the Campaign

          We’re Here to Help

          Platform Enablement Guide

          View our three-step approach for introducing self-service digital advertising to your business.

          Personal Support

          Talk to our expert team for help, technical support, and troubleshooting whenever
          you need it.

          Online Learning

          Get up to speed with Choozle Academy, weekly webinars, and help articles available in the Choozle Support Center.

          Solution-focused thinking

          Clear guidance

          Professional & enthusiastic support

          Easy-to-use tools

          Starting at $99/month

          No minimum ad spend.

          • Digital advertising software
          • Personal support and online learning
          • Powerful insights and dashboard reporting
          • Access to 60-plus premium third-party data providers

          Looking to dig in further?

          Use our planner and cheatsheet to get your campaign ready for launch.

          Download Guide

          Scope & Objectives

          Define the scope and objectives to help you figure out the nitty-gritty of a campaign and guide you in selecting a strategy and targeting tactic that will yield the best results. Complete the following fields:

          Strategies & Tactics

          Devise your digital advertising campaign strategy by selecting one or more strategies and targeting tactics that fit your campaign budget. Select from the following budgets:

          Choose 2 of the following:

          Choose 3–4* of the following:

          *You may choose any tactic more than once if you would like to target difference audiences.

          Choose 3–4* of the following:


          Choose 2 of the following:

          *You may choose any tactic more than once if you would like to target difference audiences.

          Let us help—reach out to Choozle’s Support Team!